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TENA Skin Care booklet

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TENA Body Lotion TENA Barrier Cream A preventative skin care routine supports good skin health BODY PERINEUM TENA Shampoo and Shower Method as a shampoo: Massage into hair and rinse. Method as a body wash: Massage gently over whole body and rinse off. Benefit: Conditioning and antistatic properties plus Provitamin B5 leaves hair manageable and easy to comb. pH balanced, dermatologically tested, and mild for fragile, delicate skin. In the shower Every pad change TENA Wet Wipes Method: Remove any excess faeces with toilet paper, wipe areas gently to clean. Benefit: Mild and soap-free. A convenient alternative to soap. TENA Barrier Cream TENA Body Lotion Method: Gently massage a thin layer over dry skin to the entire body post-shower. Benefits: Restores natural moisture balance of dry and sensitive skin. Leaves skin with a protective layer. Includes Vitamin E which protects fragile skin. Proven to reduce skin tears. 1 Twice Daily Every pad change Method: Apply a thin layer to ‘at risk’ skin (reddened or unbroken skin folds). Do not apply heavily. Apply every 2-3 hours in cases of diarrhoea. 2 Benefit: Includes Vitamin E which protects fragile skin from irritants, urine, faeces and sweat. Use on pressure points and bony prominences to prevent skin breakdown TENA Wash Cream TENA Shampoo & Shower TENA Wash Cream & Soft Wipe TENA PROskin is the first incontinence range to be endorsed by the Skin Health Alliance Daily Every pad change Method: Apply to skin with a disposable TENA Soft Wipe. No need to rinse. Benefit: Mild, pH balanced and soap free. Has a protecting effect and maintains skin integrity better than soap and water. 3 References: 1. Keryln Carville1, 2, Gavin Leslie, Rebecca Osseiran-Moisson, Nelly Newall & Gill Lewin. The effectiveness of a twice-daily skin moisturising regimen for reducing the incidence of skin tears International Wound Journal ISSN 1742-4801; 2014: DOI: 10.1111/iwj.12326. 2. Best Practice Principles. Moving prevention forward. Proceedings from the Global IAD Expert panel. Wounds international 2015. 3. P.A. Begg et al. Non-rinse skin cleansers: the way forward in preventing incontinence related moisture lesions? Journal of Wound Care Vol 25. No 5, May 2016, France & Germany.