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Ontex iD Kylie Brochure

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Shaped Pads ideal for

Shaped Pads ideal for active women who want discreet protection. Ontex is a leading international manufacturer of personal hygiene solutions. iD is one of the flagship brands of the Ontex Group, a leading healthcare manufacturer with a special focus on innovation, technology, and research programs. Ontex is present in over 110 countries offering hygiene product solutions for women, men, children, and babies. The iD Light range of shaped pads are discreet, comfortable with 10 hours of odour neutralising technology ensures the ultimate protection. The iD Expert Lights range is a unisex shaped pad ideal for active people who want discreet protection for slight urinary incontinence losing a few drops. TIPS For sports activities we recommend iD Light Ultra Mini Capacity 110ml iD Light Mini Capacity 170ml iD Light Mini Plus Capacity 260ml iD Light Normal Capacity 295ml iD Light Extra or iD Light Maxi. Baby Care From newborn to toddlers. Ontex are the only manufacturer of nappies in Australia. Feminine Care Ideal for women who want discreet protection. Adult Care Ideal for consumers with light to heavy incontinence. Worldwide Our quality, value for money products are distributed in more than 110 countries. iD Light Extra Capacity 500ml iD Light Maxi Capacity 668ml form iD Light Super Capacity 800ml Feminine Designs Unisex A complete range of light to heavy incontinence solutions. iD EXPERT Light Normal Capacity 295ml iD EXPERT Light Extra Capacity 500ml iD EXPERT Light Maxi Capacity 668ml Approved by dermatologists. Clients can order online in the comfort & privacy of their home. A full skincare range for continence care. Cleanse, Moisturise and Protect. All iD Classic Pants have complete skin protection. The iD range is 100% breathable to preserve the integrity of the skin​. DISTRIBUTION iD, Lille and Kylie incontinence products are only available through distributors. VISIT SUPPORTING HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS Through the TCI Ontex provides education packages endorsed by the ACN and attracts CPD points. As secure as you need. Unparalleled thinness makes it unnoticeable underneath clothing. Double Anti-leak Barrier Above features refer to iD Light range. PRODUCT CODE DESCRIPTION PAD LENGTH DROPLET SCALE TOTAL CAPACITY ISO UNITS PER PACK PACKS PER CARTON 5111010281 iD Ultra Mini 190mm 110ml 28 12 5121020201 iD Mini 227mm 170ml 20 12 5171025161 iD Mini Plus 257mm 260ml 16 18 5171030121 iD Light Normal 270mm 295ml 12 12 5171040101 iD Light Extra 340mm 500ml 10 12 5171055101 iD Light Maxi 370mm 668ml 10 12 5171070100 iD Light Super 405mm 800ml 10 12 PRODUCT CODE DESCRIPTION PAD LENGTH DROPLET SCALE TOTAL CAPACITY ISO UNITS PER PACK PACKS PER CARTON 5160030280 iD Expert Light Normal 280mm 295ml 28 12 5160040280 iD Expert Light Extra 350mm 500ml 28 10 5160050280 iD Expert Light Maxi 405mm 668ml 28 6