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Ontex iD Kylie Brochure

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DISCOVER OUR 3-STEP PROTOCOL MOISTURISE iD Care is a range of dermatologically tested skincare products designed for treating sensitive skin. A range specifically developed for continence care and overall well being. A three step protocol to aid healthy skin. Creams & cleansing milks are paraben free. Tips • iD Wet Wash gloves can be heated in a microwave for patient comfort. • Recommend a 3 step routine for treating sensitive skin (42% of patients can suffer incontinence related skin problems).* iD CARE Cleansing Milk Size 500ml No rinsing required iD CARE Cleansing Gel Size 500ml Emollient body and hair gel iD Shampoo Cap Single use impregnated with rinse free shampoo & conditioner Wet Wash Gloves Aloe Vera Size 8 per pack Ph Neutral and alcohol free Wet Wash Gloves Size 8 per pack Ph Neutral and alcohol free iD CARE Wet Wipes Size 63 per pack Camomile to calm skin irritations PRODUCT CODE DESCRIPTION SIZE UNITS PER PACK PACKS PER CARTON 859984521 iD Care Cleansing Milk 500ml 1 12 859986021 iD Care Cleansing Gel 500ml 1 12 MOISTURISE 55240010 iD Care Shampoo Cap _ 1 24 55220080 iD Care Wet Wash Gloves (no perfume) _ 8 24 iD CARE Moisturising Cream Size 500ml Nourishes & prevents dryness iD CARE Barrier Cream Size 100ml Apply thin layer to prevent and calm irritations 55230080 iD Care Wet Wash Gloves Aloe Vera _ 8 24 859006401 iD Care Wet Wipes _ 63 8 859986301 iD Care Moisturising Cream 500ml 1 12 859985651 iD Care Barrier Cream 100ml 1 12 *Source: J Junkin, JL Selekof; J Wound, Ostomy, Continence, Nurs. 2007; 34(3): 260-269. 2 Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD): Best Practice for Clinicians. Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society, 2011UK market data