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Ontex iD Kylie Brochure

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Mesh Net Pants Ideal

Mesh Net Pants Ideal when you want extra security and greater freedom of movement. Comfy Junior - Pants/Slips Pants and Slips that feel like underwear for juniors 4 to 15 years old. The iD range of figure hugging pants can be used to hold incontinence iD Form shaped pads securely in place. Both ranges of pants aid the risks of leakage whilst maximising comfort and security. Double elastics with tight seams and soft fibres allows more freedom of movement whilst also minimising the risk of skin irritation. The iD Comfy Junior range of pants and slips covers different age groups and special needs. The pants have a soft side panel, elastic underwear feel and a urine absorbing zone. The Slip is a great solution covering waist sizes from 40 to 70cm. TIPS TIPS iD Comfort Super is Refer to iD parents machine washable guide on how to up to 50 times in 60 degrees. iD CARE Comfort Super Sizes S/M/L/XL/XXL/XXXL iD CARE With Legs Sizes S/M/L/XL/XXL iD CARE Ultra Sizes S/M/L/XL/XXL manage issues around night and PRODUCT CODE DESCRIPTION PAD SIZE WAIST UNITS PER PACK PACKS PER CARTON 5410100050 iD Care Comfort Super S 40 -80cm 5 20 day time wetting. iD COMFY Junior Pants Sizes XS/S Capacity 1150/1325ml iD COMFY Junior Slip Sizes XS Capacity 1550ml 5410200050 iD Care Comfort Super M 60 -100cm 5 20 5410300050 iD Care Comfort Super L 80 -120cm 5 20 5410400050 iD Care Comfort Super XL 100 -160cm 5 20 5410500050 iD Care Comfort Super XXL 140 -180cm 5 20 5410600030 iD Care Comfort Super XXXL 180 -195cm 3 20 5420100050 iD Care With Legs S 50 -75cm 5 10 5420200050 iD Care With Legs M 70-90cm 5 10 5420300050 iD Care With Legs L 85-110cm 5 10 5420400050 iD Care With Legs XL 105-130cm 5 10 5420500050 iD Care With Legs XXL 115-140cm 5 10 5400100250 iD Care Ultra S 60-100cm 25 8 5400200250 iD Care Ultra M 80-120cm 25 8 5400300250 iD Care Ultra L 100-140cm 25 8 5400400250 iD Care Ultra XL 120-160cm 25 8 5400500250 iD Care Ultra XXL 140 -180cm 25 8 Security Comfort Discretion PRODUCT CODE DESCRIPTION SIZE TOTAL CAPACITY ISO UNITS PER PACK 5501135140 iD Comfy Junior Pants 4-7 years (17-27KG) XS 1150ml 14 6 5501245140 iD Comfy Junior Pants 8-15 years (24-47KG) S 1325ml 14 6 5501025140 iD Comfy Junior Slip (40-70cm) XS 1550ml 14 12 Soft Side Panels for optimal comfort PACKS PER CARTON SECURE Double Elastic Absorbent Core that provides maximum absorption