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Ontex iD Kylie Brochure

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elt & RECTANGULAR PAD Adjustable Briefs & Rectangular Pad Belts are ideal for people with reduced mobility. Rectangular Pads ideal for light to moderate incontinence. form Shaped Anatomic Pads Ideal for people with moderate to heavy incontinence who require assistance with toileting. The iD Belt range is designed to offer protection for moderate to severe incontinence for up to 6 to 8 hours and is easy to apply and adjustable. The backsheet is 100% breathable. The Rectangular pads can be used inside any iD product with anti leakage protection and is suitable for faecal incontinence and also can be used as a Booster. The iD Forms is a range of anatomically shaped pads with high absorbency capacity. Comfortable to wear with fitted underwear and they allow you to use the toilet as easily as before. Feel secure with double anti-leak barrier and Dry Zone Technology. TIPS TIPS The iD Belt range provides 6-8 hours protection and is ideal for night use. iD BELT Plus Sizes S/M/L/XL Capacity 1500/1750/ 1850/2100ml iD BELT Super Sizes S/M/L/XL Capacity 1900/2100/ 2400/2600ml iD BELT Maxi Sizes S/M/L/XL Capacity 2600/2900/ 3400/3400ml Use with iD Net Pants, for lighter absorption requirements you can use with underwear. iD FORM Plus Pad length 640mm Capacity 1500ml iD FORM Extra Pad length 640mm Capacity 1900ml iD FORM Extra Plus Pad length 640mm Capacity 2350ml iD Form Maxi is ideal for night use. Fast Absorption / Instant Dryness Odour Control RECTANGULAR PAD Mini Size 8 x 30.5cm Capacity 490ml PRODUCT CODE DESCRIPTION PAD SIZE RECTANGULAR PAD Maxi Size 15 x 60cm Capacity 890ml DROPLET SCALE WAIST TOTAL CAPACITY ISO UNITS PER PACK 5700160140 iD Belt Plus S 60-95cm 1500ml 14 4 5700260140 iD Belt Plus M 70-115cm 1750ml 14 4 5700360140 iD Belt Plus L 95-135cm 1850ml 14 4 PACKS PER CARTON Odour Control Cotton Feel iD FORM Super Pad length 640mm Capacity 2900ml PRODUCT CODE DESCRIPTION iD FORM Super Pad length 740mm Capacity 3200ml PAD LENGTH DROPLET SCALE iD FORM Maxi Pad length 740mm Capacity 3900ml TOTAL CAPACITY ISO UNITS PER PACK 5310260210 iD Form Plus 640mm 1500ml 21 8 5310265210 iD Form Extra 640mm 1900ml 21 8 5310270210 iD Form Extra Plus 640mm 2350ml 21 8 5310275210 iD Form Super 640mm 2900ml 21 6 PACKS PER CARTON 5700460140 iD Belt Plus XL 115-150cm 2100ml 14 4 5310375210 iD Form Super 740mm 3200ml 21 4 5700175140 iD Belt Super S 60-95cm 1900ml 14 4 5310380210 iD Form Maxi 740mm 3900ml 21 4 Anti-leak Barriers 5700275140 iD Belt Super M 70-115cm 2100ml 14 4 5700375140 iD Belt Super L 95-135cm 2400ml 14 4 5700475140 iD Belt Super XL 115-150cm 2600ml 14 4 Fast Absorption Instant Dryness Double Wetness Indicator 5700180140 iD Belt Maxi S 60 -95cm 2600ml 14 4 5700280140 iD Belt Maxi M 70 -115cm 2900ml 14 4 5700380140 iD Belt Maxi L 95-135cm 3400ml 14 4 5700480140 iD Belt Maxi XL 115-150cm 3400ml 14 4 59361100280 59156000280 Rectangular Mini Rectangular Pad Maxi 11x 36cm 15x 60 cm 490ml 28 4 1050ml 28 4 Double Wetness Indicator Anti-leak barriers SHAPE 100% Breathable 100% Breathable