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MoliCare Premium Elastic Application Tips

Learn the top tips and tricks for Molicare Premium Elastic Application.

MoliCare Premium Elastic Application

MoliCare ® Premium Elastic Application Tips Having the right fit ensures comfort and leakage protection. Follow these tips to help get it right. LAYING POSITION 1 SIZE hip measurement size 4 ALIGNMENT 7 USE THE WAVY LINES AS A GUIDE Ensure you have the right size and absorbency. Note: you may need a different size than the MoliCare Premium Slip you were using. 70 - 90 cm S 85 - 120 cm M 115 - 145 cm L 140 - 175 cm XL Ensure the pad is aligned equally at the front and the back. Repeat with 2nd side panel. Side panels should not crossover the wavy lines. If this occurs the pad may be too large and may leak. A smaller size should be considered. 2 PREPARE THE PAD 5 LEG CUFFS TURNED OUT 8 ANGLE TABS DOWNWARDS Fold and cup the pad to get it ready for application. This activates the leakage guards to prevent leakage. Ensure leg cuffs are turned out and not covering the leakage guards. If leakage guards are covered, leakage will occur. 2 1 1. Leg cuffs 2. Leakage guards If the pad feels loose at the back, or is not fitting well, try applying the tabs at a downward angle to help conform to different body shapes. 3 CORRECT FITTING Turn the person to the recovery position and slide the pad between the legs from the front to the back. This helps align the pad and control hygiene. 6 STRETCH THE SIDE PANELS Fold out the 1st side panel and wrap around the person’s hip. View application videos and download resources at Ensure that the pad is centred in the right position by aligning the wetness indicator in line with the spine and tuck the lower side panel under the hip. Turn the person onto their back. Ensure the side panel is not too tight by placing a hand under the side panel when applying. Secure the adhesive tape into position. PAUL HARTMANN Pty Ltd. ABN 35 000 099 589. Level 5, 1 Thomas Holt Drive Macquarie Park NSW 2113. PO Box 943 North Ryde BC NSW 1670 ® Registered trademark PAUL HARTMANN AG. | March 2020 Incontinence Management